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Many business owners find themselves focused on development and sales when it comes to growing their business. After all, these are two areas that directly impact revenue and growth. However, many overlook the role that a revenue operations team plays in ensuring their revenue is maximized.

Let’s take a closer look at Revenue Operations and how a strong RevOps team should be structured.

What Is a Revenue Operations Team?

In short, it’s the team within an organization responsible for revenue. A revenue operations team may include finance, marketing, and sales professionals in charge of specific areas such as pricing and discounts, customer retention programs, or new distribution channels, among others.

Here is a breakdown of a potential RevOps team structure:

  1. RevOps Leader

The leader of the RevOps team, or Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), is responsible for optimizing sales and marketing functions that result in greater revenue. This person often reports directly to the CEO and should be a strong communicator who can work across many different departments.

  1. Project Management

Your project manager should keep track of timelines and costs that come along with delivering these projects, and be able to identify risks and opportunities as they arise. Ideally, your PM should be a part of the RevOps team, but this person will act as your liaison between the two teams if they aren’t.

  1. Analytics

RevOps teams must be able to rely on data to back up their decisions, and an analytics professional is one way you can make sure that your team has the information they need.

The goal of your analytics professional is to unearth hidden trends within your revenue streams, examine data for errors or opportunities, and offer insight into how you can improve performance.

  1. Platform Team

Depending on your organization, you may need to rely on other systems and programs that can help you execute RevOps projects.

Your platform team is responsible for helping the rest of the RevOps team build out a strong technology infrastructure that will make all of their jobs easier.