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Are you on the search for a new career that will allow you to make an impact from day one? Revenue Operations may be the right choice for you.

Like any other career, Revenue Operations has its perks and challenges. However, when you master the trade of balancing your customers’ needs with those of your organization, you will find it to be one of the most rewarding jobs out there!

Before you get started in this fast-paced career, here is some information on what the job entails.

What Is Revenue Operations?

The position of Revenue Operations has arisen recently due to sales and revenue management teams being more closely aligned with the sales function.

Revenue Operations is a role that serves as an extension to your organization’s sales managers and team members, ensuring that customers are kept in line and complying with contractual obligations throughout the life cycle of their accounts.

If you choose to pursue this career, you will be working primarily on revenue assurance functions. The primary responsibility of a Revenue Operations professional is to ensure that your organization’s customers are complying with contractual obligations throughout the life cycle of their accounts. In addition, they ensure you receive your proper entitlements as per contract terms and internal policies.

Revenue Operations vs. Sales Operations

Although these two job functions may sound similar, they differ in many ways. Revenue Operations roles are hybrid positions that focus on the core business needs while meeting sales and marketing objectives to improve company-wide performance.

Sales Operations, on the other hand, focuses on managing your sales forces performance. Their main concern is to execute proper sales operations from beginning to end. They ensure that all processes are followed and that your organization retains its competitive advantage within a given market segment.

Are You Ready to Make the Jump?

If you are a person who is highly motivated and can quickly adapt to new challenges, then Revenue Operations may be the right career for you.