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What type of leadership style is the best for you? The answer to this question may be different from person to person.

Some people are natural leaders, while others are more suited as followers. You can also lead through creativity and innovation or by being a good team player. The key is knowing what your strengths are and how they match up with the needs of your job. 

Daniel Goleman has released a Harvard Business Review Study titled Leadership That Gets Results, in which he identifies six leadership styles:

  1. The pacesetting leader
  2. The authoritative leader
  3. The affiliative leader
  4. The coaching leader
  5. The coercive leader
  6. The democratic leader

Each leader type is associated with its own virtues and liabilities, and different individuals will thrive with different leaders. So which one is right for you? Here are a few ways to identify the right leadership for you and your team.

What Does Your Company Need Right Now?

An authoritative leader is most effective when a crisis is to be managed or an emergency that calls for quick action. If your organization is in the middle of a crisis and needs someone to step up and get everyone organized and moving forward quickly, then this type of leadership may be right for you.

What Leader Could You Use Right Now?

An affiliative leader is most effective when there is a need to build relationships or win over the support of others. If you are working in an environment where people enjoy meeting new challenges, this type of leadership may be right for you.

What Leader Are You Right Now?

When you’re not “on,” are you more of a pacesetting or authoritative leader? Or do you lean toward the affiliative, coaching, or democratic leadership styles? Know your personality and needs to identify the right direction.

What Needs to Change?

The coaching leader is most effective when there is a need for change. If your organization has a history of poor leadership, the coaching leader may be right for you.

Knowing where you are and where you need to go can help you discover which leadership style is right for you and your company.