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When looking at sales departments, it’s essential to know the differences between the many functions. Each function serves as a tool to improve customer experience and promote sales, but they each have slightly different responsibilities. Let’s take a closer look at the key differences between the two roles. 


What Is Revenue Operations?

Revenue operations are responsible for creating unity between teams.They partner with sales, marketing, and customer service teams to find opportunities for sales growth. Professionals in this role develop this unity by playing a key role in all parts of the sales cycle from start to finish. They look across all parts of the sales cycle to create policy, programs, and promotions. They also work on helping their organization with the following: 

    • Manage the sales technology stack – this includes programs like Salesforce.
    • Develop go to market strategies from beginning to end.
    • Analyze data constantly to find areas of improvement for key performance indicators. 
    • Analyze and compile data (such as performance metrics) into executive level reports. 
    • Work with other departments to ensure that key projects succeed.

Revenue operations perform all of these tasks to help break down silos between departments and promote efficient performance in each aspect across the business. They keep the big picture in mind in hopes of improving overall revenue growth. 


How is sales operations different? 

Unlike revenue operations, which deal with many different departments throughout the company, sales operations primarily focuses on the sales department. They make sure that the sales process is as smooth as possible. They do have some part in marketing and customer experience as well. But it is only at a high level. As a partner to the sales team, sales operations professionals use data analytics to create strategies that will help generate more revenue. Their ultimate goal is to improve efficiency in the sales department while keeping an eye on overarching strategies for other departments. 

Yes, there are some areas where revenue operations and sales operations overlap. Ultimately both departments have one key thing in coming: driving and increasing revenue.